Aerobatic has its own fascination, especially with a hangglider and it take years to know the performance of the glider in each situation. Thinking of Airshows in the beginning of the age of flying, it was a dream for me to point the fascination of hanggliding in a very different way.


My first Glider was a Moyes RS - 4, a great glider at the beginning for this project.

I got the chance to get an almost brand new MOYES RX 3.5. At the moment the best solution for this project. Great performance and a very nice and easy handling. All maneuvers can be flown dynamical and it makes a lot of fun.




Skyline Flightgear Zero Drag with increasing of all strong used parts. Carbon bridges and a double stitched mounting, modification of the slider for increased strenght. All this work was done by Skyline Flightgear. Thanks to Wolfgang and his Team.



To remember the beginning of hanggliding, the harness which where used, wheren't aerodynamic at all. Acropilots used harnesses called cocoon or in German "Schürze". Almost 35 years ago the first Cocoon was build. Lightweight and small packing measure makes this type popular. Also the flexibility of pilot reaction is a big feature and the reason why i choosed this one for aerobatic. WillsWing Flylite 3 Cocoon is a very good choice.


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